Monday, December 28, 2009


Exactly 21 years ago yesterday on December 27, 1988, God gave me the most wonderful Christmas present I could ever imagine - Paige Marie White. She weighed 8 pound 6 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches tall. Exactly the same as her sister Brooke. She was kind enough to wait until after Christmas to make her appearance and sent me to the hospital the day after. What a beautiful gift that was given to me.

Unlike her sister Brooke who liked to sleep and eat all the time...she liked to be awake and not miss a thing. She would take little 10 minute cat naps during the day and keep me busy!! She was always our little clown. She would say and do the funniest little things. She was always up to something - in her quiet little way. People would always say that she had the sweetest little angelic face (which she did) but I would say there were little horns on top too - ha!!!

Paige has always been my little helper. She helped me sooooo much with all the other children as they were growing up. I never had to ask her to do a thing. She would just get in there and help with whatever because she just loved doing it. When the smaller kids would be outside playing, she would give them a bath when they came in. She was the wardrobe consultant. She was the beautician and would fix their hair. She was the cook. When Bethany was a baby and I was so exhausted, she would take care of her on the weekends for me so I could rest. At night she would take her in her bedroom with her and put her little bassinet next to her bed. Paige would get up many times during the night and feed her. I'm telling you, she has been such a blessing to me. That's just the kind of person she is - a GIVER!!!!

Paige was named after my maiden name which was Page. I wish now I would have spelled it like my maiden name but the spelling, Paige, is prettier looking. Her middle name is Marie which was after my grandmother who I never met. At the time, I didn't know what all of this meant, but God named her this for a reason. Paige means "servent" which she definitely is. Marie means "bitter". When I first discovered this, I thought "UUGH". Having your daughter's name mean "bitter" doesn't sound too good. But God in His infinite wisdom has brought the meaning of her name to mean so much more to all of us.

When Paige was 16 years old, she went on a missions trip to Ecuador. When she got back she started to get sick - it was a gradual kind of thing. It started out with her just being sick in the evenings. Then it progressed to the point she couldn't eat anyting without bloating up and being in pain. We took her to Doctor after Doctor. Hospital after hospital. Test after test. She has been through so much. Probably more than most people would experience in their entire life time. To make a long story short....she has Gastroparesis - which means her stomach is paralyzed. She has a stomach pacemaker and a bladder pacemaker. She continues to be nauseated 24/7 and experiences pain every day of her life. She could have chosen to become "bitter" because of this horrible thing that has been given to her. But she hasn't.

Marie comes from the word "myrrh." This was one of the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus. How fitting that Paige was born after Christmas. The myrrh bush is a very bitter plant. When the myrrh bush is cut, it produces tears. Paige's body has been cut so many times and she has cried so many tears. These tears are collected and made into the essential ingredient for the most fragrant perfume. These tears also have healing qualities. So the real meaning of her name is "sweet fragrance from rightly responding to hurts." Paige has chosen not to become bitter because of this horrible illness but instead has chosen to leave a sweet smelling aroma around her. She has a beautiful smile on her face - continues to be a GIVER - and has blessed many lives through her illness. She is a living testimony of God's mercy and grace.

So you see, God truly has given me a wonderful gift. He has given me 7 beautiful gifts. I am so blessed. I love you Paige Marie and am thankful for the wonderful 21 years you have blessed me with. Keep that sweet smile of yours and continue to leave that sweet smelling aroma as you bless other's lives. You will make a wonderful nurse on day!!!

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